GO2 International with IMB Journeyman

For 50+ years, college graduates have been choosing to spend two years joining IMB teams to bring the gospel to the nations as fully funded missionaries. Are you next?

Journeyman Program

  • Graduate

    Finishing your degree is important. (Your parents will thank us for saying that.) And, no, it doesn’t have to be a seminary degree.

  • Application & Assessment

    Becoming a Journeyman means you join the IMB family, so we want to make sure you are ready for life and cross-cultural ministry overseas. 

  • Train & Deploy

    As a Journeyman, you’ll go through our six-week Field Personnel Orientation along with new career missionaries. From there, it’s an airline ticket to the nations to join your new team.

Where You Can Go

The International Mission Board will connect graduating college students from across North America to missionaries in an international city. Our 3,700 missionaries are spread throughout eight geographic areas and to Deaf Peoples throughout the world.

As a security precaution, we do not publicly display the international cities in which we work. If you sense the Lord is leading you to go international, please apply and someone from the IMB recruiting team will be in touch to discuss your situation and guide you to the next steps.

International Map

European Peoples

North African & Middle Eastern Peoples

Sub-Saharan African Peoples

Central Asian Peoples

South Asian Peoples

East Asian Peoples

Southeast Asian Peoples

Americas Peoples

Deaf Peoples throughout the world


How long do I serve?

IMB Journeyman serve for two years overseas. Many then return to finish graduate degrees and/or turn around and apply to become career missionaries.

Am I really paid to go?

Yes! As a Journeyman, your salary, housing, transportation, benefits and many other resources are provided for you thanks to the generosity of Southern Baptists through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

* Please note, this only applies to the Journeyman program. GO2 Participants in North America are not paid.

What ages are allowed for the Journeyman program?

As long as you are a college graduate under age 30, you can be sent as an IMB Journeyman. If you are over 30, we have hundreds of other mid-term and long-term opportunities for you to explore.

Can I be married and still be sent as a Journeyman?

Yes! You and your spouse both will be assessed and sent together.

When should I apply?

Because the application and assessment process can take a few months, you can apply as early as the start of your senior year of college. Once you graduate, you’ll be ready to go.

Can I do seminary at the same time?

This is an incredible experience for you to see God’s work in the nations. Balancing seminary hours while learning a new culture and language, sharing the gospel, training national pastors, researching people groups (and much more) is tough. We recommend pausing post-graduate courses until after you come home.

Do I have to be a member of a Southern Baptist church?

Yes, you do. Southern Baptists support our missionary teams, and so we send Southern Baptists as fully funded missionaries. Also, your pastor is an integral part of the assessment process.

Get Started

Note: Applications are open all year, but the best time to apply is in the fall of your senior year.