GO2 Conversation

November 14, 2019
Featuring J.D. Greear and David Platt

You're Invited!

Join Pastors J.D. Greear & David Platt to learn how college students can play a strategic role in missions & church planting through the GO2 Initiative!

During the GO2 conversation on November 14th, we will discuss the urgency of the missions task and how college students can play a uniquely strategic role by making the GO2 commitment. College students will learn how spending the first two years after graduation on a church planting team with the IMB or NAMB can launch them on a trajectory to impact the world for God...regardless of the career they ultimately wind up in!

Is this livestream conversation for me?

If you’re a college student, college leader, BCM director, or work in a church with college students, this conversation is for you! Speakers will be discussing the mission of God, why students should give their lives to it, and the unique opportunity that college students specifically have to play a role in the Great Commission.

Where do I go to watch the livestream?

We’ll send everyone who registers a link to join the livestream conversation, and you can watch that from anywhere...even your dorm or apartment! If you’re part of a college ministry or BCM, we’d strongly encourage you to watch together with other students in your ministry so that you can continue the discussion. If you’re a college leader, consider hosting a gathering of your students! The IMB and NAMB can provide you with a number of free resources to help you encourage your students to take the appropriate next steps.

Can I show this livestream at my event?

Absolutely. The format of the livestream is intentionally designed fit into events and gatherings of all sizes. Transitions in and out of the livestream will fit smoothly into your programming, and the speakers will close in a way that allows a local host to provide next steps specific to their ministry. You’ll have access to free resources from the IMB and NAMB on student mobilization programs as well.

Will you help me get connected to next steps after the livestream?

Absolutely - we’ll be providing everyone who joins with opportunities to take next steps and connect to programs through the IMB and NAMB. If you’re joining the livestream at a gathering, your college leader or BCM director may also provide you with opportunities specific to your ministry.